Trainwreck - - SOLD - Liverpool (Waif) built by Kenneth Fischer in 2001
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Ultra Sound owns more very rare original Trainwreck amps than anyone in the world. As the exclusive distributor of Komet Amps for many years, I worked closely with Ken, he took good care of my Trainwrecks and he taught me how to properly maintain, tube, bias and voice them. In fact many of the Trainwrecks we now own he found because he knew the previous owners. Kenneth Fischer was not only an amplifier genius, he was a generous wonderful man, a good friend and he is greatly missed.

Trainwreck and Dumble are the two most valuable and sought after guitar amps of all time and Ultra Sound is your best source for both. Serious inquiries only should be emailed to or call Gene at 212-967-5626.

This very rare, all original Trainwreck Liverpool amp named "Waif" was hand built by legendary amp guru Kenneth Fischer in 2001. She is one of only a few newer amps built by Ken over the past 10 years and she is a superb Liverpool. Waif has gorgeous chimey cleans and creamy rich overdrive with massive harmonic complexity and warmth. A Liverpool’s fat singing sustain with single coil guitars is legendary and Waif has it all in spades. Strats and Teles sound amazing playing through this magnificent amp which was designed specifically by Ken to bring out the very best sound from single coil pickups. The synergy of tone, response, dynamics and feel between a Liverpool and a single coil guitar is the stuff of legend -It truly must be heard and felt to be believed. The finest definitive single coil guitar amp with benchmark Trainwreck tone.

I have personally tubed, biased, and voiced the amp using the very best rare New Old Stock tubes from my personal collection including Mullard, Philips Miniwatt & Telefunken preamp tubes and New Old Stock EL84 power tubes. The cost of these tubes alone is around $850 but "She's Worth It".

Trainwrecks are very responsive amps with rich harmonic complexity and beautifully balance tone. The amp’s gorgeous clean and benchmark overdrive tones can be controlled with the guitar’s volume control or by merely altering your touch. Trainwrecks set the standard for warmth, fullness, responsiveness, note articulation, touch sensitivity, string to string separation, fret board feel, clarity, dynamics and singing sustain. Many people feel a Trainwreck Liverpool is the finest sounding, single coil guitar amp ever built and finding one has become almost impossible.
Sales Price: $39,500 - Sorry this amp is Sold - Call Gene at 212-967-5626 for another Trainwreck
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